Anonymous asked: In your story a thousand souls crossed over are you going to have kennett? Also is Caroline going to come to New Orleans so there can be Klaroline?

At this point I have no set ship for Bonnie for A Thousand Souls Crossed Over.  I know there is Kennett interaction and I know that I have set it up so she can feel him but that doesn’t mean that their relationship is going to turn romantic.  I have some ideas of where it might go (and I know how I want to end it) but I am letting the relationships develop naturally.

However, I can tell you this.  Caroline probably won’t be coming to New Orleans.  If she does by some chance it will be for Bonnie’s benefit only.  I will not write Klaroline.  They are my least favorite pairing in the history of pairings (so you definitely wouldn’t want me writing them)!

Thanks for the question.

Anonymous asked: I was wondering if you're open to a (sorta) prompt? It would be Bonnie and Dr. Carlisle Cullen. (I don't like Twilight, but always had a thing for his character.) I would mind if was one of the hot summer nights/spring fling or just a random one shot. Maybe them meeting at a hospital?

Sorry! I couldn’t fill this prompt! The only thing Twilight related that I have ever come into contact with was the first movie and I can’t even remember it.  

However, I am going to publish this because maybe someone else out there will see it and fill the prompt! 

fanof1dtvd4life asked: Hey :))i just wanted to ask you when are you going to upload a thousand souls crossed over? I really like it so far ...:))

I have no idea when this was sent.  I also didn’t get any notification that it was here.  

As for A Thousand Souls Crossed Over.  The next chapter is well under way.  I have plotted out where I want it go.  I have a few more scenes to write to finish it off.  

However, I can tell you that I have stopped watching TVD. I have said I was going to do this in the past but then I have always caved and watched it in the end.  This time I have given it up (I haven’t watched since…geez before episode 100) and I don’t miss it.  This has probably affected my writing (actually I know it has).  I often wonder if I should just close this place down but then I do still get ideas and generally enjoy writing.  In the end I tell myself this is for fun and writing is a hobby of mine.

I have plans to continue the story.  I want to thank everyone who has commented on it thus far and I apologize for not getting back to people who have been wondering sooner.  I will continue to plug away at it but I don’t think I will ever be an “update every Monday” type of writer.

Sorry it wasn’t a more definite answer! 

(also I tend to write better in the summer considering I don’t work then)

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