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I will turn myself into a gun…

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 ”You Don’t Love Someone Because They’er Perfect, You Love Them In Spit Of The Fact That They’er Not.”



 You Don’t Love Someone Because They’er Perfect, You Love Them In Spit Of The Fact That They’er Not.”

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You don't like klaus x caroline...I don't either. They never made sense to me. Then again I wanted Klaus to be fighting for bonnie affection, I mean his obession with power it only makes sense. What do you think?

One of my least favorite things about Klaus and Caroline was how they came out of nowhere —- literally in the same episode he orders Tyler to bite her he turns around and makes moonpie eyes at her.  Just…no.

I could write an essay on why I dislike them, but I won’t.  

Instead I will say that Klonnie has always been a favorite of mine because it could have been that push and pull that I wanted.  Klaus clearly had a thing for witches, he clearly had a thing for power —- and I think he was genuinely amused by Bonnie’s moralistic stance.

This will always be one of my favorite Klonnie moments:

I snicker every time.  They definitely had a battle of wills thing going on and I love love love that about a couple.  I cannot believe he passed up the opportunity to try and win her over or take advantage as she dabbled in expression.  

Forever bitter that Klaus and Bonnie at least didn’t interact more.  I would have taken them sparring 1 000 000x over him dressing Caroline for the prom (like an 1000 year old hybrid gives a rat’s ass about prom).

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On your side

On your side

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Thoughts on the actress Phoebe Tonkin and her character Haley Marshell

First off, Phoebe Tonkin is gorgeous.  And seems sweet.  And so undeserving of all the hate and shit thrown at her by some people in the TVD fanbase.  I don’t care if it is your job and you shouldn’t be looking at tumblr or twitter, she is a human being and to get death threats over a television character is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

Secondly, when it comes to Hayley, she has grown on me.  One thing I really like about The Originals is that there is not one character that I dislike.  I like them all, some more than others of course.  Hayley is a character that I could take or leave when season 1 began but by the end, I liked her a lot more than I did in the beginning.  

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thoughts on caroline forbes?

To be honest, I liked her more in seasons 1/2 than I do now.  

And that is all I will say.  

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Thoughts on Steroline?

The only pairing of Caroline’s I can get behind at this point is Forwood and they blew it shit.  

I am not really a fan of any of her pairings.  

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Do you think if Kevin Williamson was still head writer, that vampire diaries would be better or no?

I have no idea.  I do know that Kevin Williamson decided to kill Jenna Sommers because she had no potential in his mind.  I disagree with that.  I also disagree with his approach that you have to kill off characters periodically to keep it fresh, which is something that Plec and co. have adopted.  I don’t agree with this approach.  There are other ways.  At this point, death on TVD is a joke, not because they come back but because it is handled in a callous way.  A character dies, the next episode they have a ball or a dance or a party.  There is no follow through.  I have wrote about this on the blog before.  

I do like the earlier seasons of TVD better for sure.  I think one of TVD’s downfalls has been beating the triangle to death and repeating themes like ‘Elena is danger, save her’ and ‘Caroline gets a new love interest’.  I think they also need to develop their secondary characters more.  

Also I am rambling.

So I will stop.

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