a thousand souls crossed over (4/?)

Premise: Bonnie is finally settling into life as the bridge between the living and the dead. That is until Kol Mikaelson shows up and refuses to leave until she does him a favor: give a message to his family in New Orleans. Of course, that is just the beginning. Set in Season 5 with shades of AU, crossover with The Originals

Characters in this part: Bonnie Bennett, Elijah Mikaelson, Klaus Mikaelson, Kol Mikaelson, Sophie Deveraux and a few minor appearances

Author’s Note: Thank you to all who continue to spot this little tale.  I know in the beginning some indicated to me that they don’t watch The Originals so I made a little cast page here so you will have faces to match with names.

Table of Contents: here

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Chapter Four of a thousand souls crossed over is finished! 

Just doing the final editing —- but I might even get this baby published before I crash for the night.

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*continues to write chapter 4 a thousand souls cross over*

*has a feeling no one is going to like Elijah or Klaus*
(but let’s be real —- they aren’t going to welcome her to New Orleans with open arms)
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Bonnie Bennett Meme: 6 Relationships

[5/6] - Bonnie/Stefan

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“Everything you are is everything I’m not - night and day, light and dark. Everything I’ll need is everything you’ve got - all in your hate and all in your love.

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TVD Tropes: Bonnie Bennett + Mental Tropes

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Am I the only one that’s finds their friendship adorable.


Am I the only one that’s finds their friendship adorable.

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Kat Graham Portrait Session at Comic Con (2014) [x]

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As I write the fourth chapter of A Thousand Souls Crossed Over I am torn —

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