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KLONNIE WEEK | Day Seven - Free for all


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Everything I say is my opinion.  I am by no means an authority on anything. I respect the fact that you may have a differing opinion and therefore try to tag accordingly (if there is something that you consider anti that I haven’t tagged please let me know).

I used to hold back on what I thought but now I don’t bother.  If you don’t like it, attacking me on anon in my ask is not the way to go.  I won’t post it.

So don’t bother. 

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question asked by Anonymous
what are your hopes for season 6 of vampire diaries?

That I won’t hate it?

Seriously, I just want to enjoy TVD again.  Since about mid season 3, I have had a growing dislike for this show.  In fact I still haven’t watched whole episodes of season 5 because I couldn’t stand to watch it anymore.

Having said that the premise of season 6, the return of Alaric, Bamon, Enzo…all of these are giving me some kind of hope that I can enjoy the show again.  

However, I’ve been burned before so I am cautious.  A bit pessimistic really.

(please don’t let me down TVD)

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question asked by Anonymous
do you like elena? or any of the trio characters, aka stefan and damon?

See, here is the thing with Elena.

The writing hurt her.  I wanted to really like her, I did.  I don’t hate her by any means.  I just…the writing has shoved her in a corner and won’t let her out.  If they did a better job of acknowledging a few things I’d enjoy her.

Those few things would be:

1. Her other relationships: “Hi my name is Delena Gilbert!” Seriously, when Elena opens her mouth I tend only hear Damon.  As soon as they put Delena together it was like that was all Elena could think or talk about.  Sure she put a bit of time into other relationships but it always felt like she was killing time before she could run to Damon.  Not to mention when she was in scenes with other characters 90% they were talking about Damon.  I get it —- you love him.  But the fact that in season 5 they wrote Delena to be this all consuming if you leave I’ll fuck shit up type relationship did nothing to convince me that it’s love.  In fact, it was so damn toxic I stopped watching. 

Hey, TVD, remember that time Elena had friends?  A brother (don’t even get me started on how they have completely shoved relationship in a closet to dust off for Delena/Elena angst)?  

2. Elena is written as a moral center of the show.  No. Stop.  She is selfish.  She is manipulative.  She does things for her own gain.  I am not saying this is a bad thing.  I am saying she needs to own it.  The show needs to own it.  No where in the guidebook to writing a television show does it say that the lead character has a to be a lily white do gooder.  Embrace who she is and stop trying to tell me that Elena’s choices are the right choices or because there was no other way.

As for the boys:

Damon has suffered from #1 under my thoughts on Elena.  Again, they spent far too much time showing how toxic Delena was for both characters to make me think it is any kind of love.  I really like the character.  I love his snarky self.  I love how he can’t seem to get out of his own way sometimes and seems so afraid of losing something that he’ll do something to fuck it up first.  

As for Stefan.  He’s the shit.  Love his character.  Truly.  Probably one of my faves on the show.  He is vastly under appreciated.  He opens his mouth he gets hated on for one reason or another.  I am not at all impressed by everything he does but overall, after five seasons, of the trio I think he has fared the best in consistency and character growth.

question asked by Anonymous
a thousand souls crossed over is fantastic, i just read it and I have so many question. I'm hoping you will answer some. like when are going to update? Will Bonnie become a witch again? Will Sophie and Bonnie have amazing friendship? Will Bonnie help the Originals? What help could Bonnie be? Is Bonnie going to meet Camille? Is there going to be tension between Haley and Bonnie? I know that's alot of questions. i hope you can answer them :D

Oh thank you! I am glad you are enjoying it!  I really enjoy writing it.  I have such plans for it.  I truly do.  If only I could win the lottery so I could retire and just write! Haha!

I am hoping to have an update out soon.  I am currently working on chapter five.  I have it all mapped out.  I just have to type it out.  I am aiming at least 500 words a night for the next few nights to see where that gets me! 

As for Bonnie becoming a witch —- we shall see! I do have a few ideas regarding that.  I do think she is going to connect nicely with Sophie.  If anything they will both realize they are similar in their pursuit to save those they love.

Any help Bonnie might give will be reluctance.  Beyond being a way to communicating with Kol, Bonnie has a lot to offer the rest of the family.  She has a background in magic will be of use to all even if she can’t practice.

She will meet Camille but at this point I don’t know if that is going to amount to anything.  Same with Hayley.  I don’t think they will be BFF’s but I don’t think Bonnie is going to go out of her way to start anything with her.

Thanks for the questions! 

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question asked by Anonymous
"Feelings for the character aside" Do you not like Caroline?

I don’t think it’s any big secret that I am not fan.  I blame writing and a never ending stream of love interests.  Candace Accola is cute as a button! 

question asked by Anonymous
What is the difference between Kennett and Klonnie ships? Do you know?

There is a huge difference between the ships.

The way I look at it —-

Klonnie: is about power.  As in Klaus seeing Bonnie as a source of power.  I think at the offset of any Klonnie relationship, he is in it for one reason only. Whether or not he can get beyond that depends on the circumstance.  On Bonnie’s side, she sees him as a pretty loathsome creature.  I think it would take some real work (or she’d have to go dark) for her see him in any other light. That being said, they are my OTP and I shall go down with this ship.

Kennett: is about a measure of respect. As in Kol seems to have it for Bonnie.  Yes, he tried to kill her but I think that was because he saw it as his only viable option.  I believe Kol has a unique relationship with witches (which I hope they delve into on The Originals) and he has a healthy appreciation for them.  I think he is attracted to Bonnie.  When it comes to Bonnie —- I think she relates to him much better than Klaus.  I don’t think she likes him any better but if she had to work with one I am sure she’d rather work with Kol.

Both ships are kick ass.  

(also Kennett should never be tagged as Klonnie…I see that every now and then and I don’t get it!)

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question asked by Anonymous
Please update a thousands souls crossed over. I'm in love w/ it and thirsting for more of it. More klonnie, Sophie and bonnie, bonlijah and Kennett. I love it your a fantastic writer :)

I am working on a new chapter as we speak! I wish I could give you a definite release date but I can’t make any promises.  This returning to work thing has killed a lot of my muse to write.  

But I can tell you this chapter as all those things! 

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